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Announcing the July 2017 SPARC Mobile Installation Contest

Are you proud of your mobile installation? Why not enter it in the first annual SPARC mobile installation contest? At the regular July SPARC meeting on July 7th, members are welcome to enter their car in the contest for a chance to win a nice prize in either the HF category or VHF/UHF category (or both). The judging criteria are summarized below. Click here for more detailed judging criteria. It is not about the cost of your equipment, but how finished and polished the installation is. The more your installation looks like it came that way from the factory, the better.

HF and VHF/UHF entrants judged on:

Power Connections         Antenna Mounting

Grounding                         Cable Routing

Radio Installation              Operational Safety Concerns



All cars entering contest should park in front of DMI building (car show style) by 7:00 PM.  Judging will start at 7:15 PM. To take advantage of the light, we will have time for people to look at the cars until it starts getting too dark. Then we will go inside for the regular meeting and then the judges will highlight what they saw in the contest and announce the winners. Think of it as a meeting in reverse.

So tie off those cables, neaten that rat’s nest under your dash or under your hood and come out and enter your car–or just get ideas to improve your own installation.

Please contact Tom Schaefer, NY4I at or 727-437-2771 to register for the contest or with any questions.

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