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Equipment for Sale

This equipment is available for sale from SPARC. If you are interested in anything on this list, please contact us.

ICOMAH-4 Auto 1.8-30MHz. Control Cable$160
MFJ941C300 Watt 1.8-30 MHz$75
MFJMFJ-949EManual 1,8-30 MHz 300 Watts max. Great condition $80
MFJMFJ-993EAutomatic 1.8-30 MHz 300 Watts max in factory box $130

Ten Tec228200 Watt 1.8-30 MHz$40
TS-440SAT & PS-50Included is hand microphone and manual. Radio has built in antenna tuner. Very clean inside and out.$400.00
YaesuFT-9201.8-54 MHz. 100 watt output,
Manual + service manual on disk. Has Inrad Roofing filter and 400 Hz CW filter. SPARC Ownership for 12 plus years. Factory carton
Radio ShackHTX-1010 meter SSB/AM/FM 25 watt. Will do repeater splits. Has manual.$65
MFJMFJ-4035MVadjustable voltage 10-15 VDC @ 35 Amps ICAS. $85

AzdenPCS-40002 M with DC power cable, mic & manual. 25 watts out. Radio bench checks OK but needs new memory battery. No built in PL tones$20
KenwoodTH-K20A2 M HT 5.5 Watts output with Manual, desktop charger, original factory carton$95
Albia500 MHz frequency counter$35
ArcherUnknown3 wire TV rotor with control head $45
DiawaCM401MMobile SWR bridge 3.5-150 MHz
15/150 watt scale
DiawaF-406KActive RX audio filter$20
HeathkitIM-13Bench VTVM & bracket $30
MFJ259BAntenna analyzer 1.8-170 MHz + manual $130
Microcraftcode reader$25
The WiremanCQ10650 ohm cable 100' no connectors new $60
TigertronicsSignallink USBUSB interface with Kenwood cable $85
UnknownTwo 20M "Hamstick" antennas$18
UnknownHF bracket to use above 2 "Hamsticks" as a dipole$17
UnknownPackage Deal2 "Hamstick antennas and HF bracket shown above$30
VARIOUSVARIOUSWe have many more items $20 or less. Can be seen at Wormfest, May 26, Freedom Lake Park
Visit us at the Wormfest on May 26th for prices.

If you are interested in anything on this list, please contact us.

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