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Is CW dead? Not for Dan AI4RJ

During the SPARC operation in the Florida QSO Party Dan AI4RJ made the vast majority of all CW contacts. He operated on all bands and during one 95 minute stretch on 20 meters his QSO rate was 104 contacts per hour. His call sign was omitted from the original FQP article.

SPARC’s FQP results and station video.

SPARC Station and Operators Performed Well Despite the Conditions.


The SPARC team represented Pinellas County well during the Florida QSO Party (FQP).   Click here for the video.  During the event stations throughout the US and Canada strive to work as many counties in Florida as possible. Florida stations are essentially the “DX” and call CQ. Propagation during the contest was fair to poor. Local noise on 40 and 10 meters was a constant S9.
The weather was threatening over the weekend, and 9 of the 18 operators
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SPARC Invites You To a Party

Our club is entering the Florida QSO Party representing Pinellas County. Hams from every state in the US and every province in Canada will calling Florida stations making us the center of activity. This will be our first such operation since winning the FQP Club Plaque in 2019. This will also be our first major operating event with the new Club Station.

You are invited to join others in operating the station on Saturday April 29 from Noon to 10pm, and on Sunday April 30 from 8am to 6pm. If … Click for more

Station move at DMI, Part 2.

Further progress is being made on the SPARC station move to a different room at DMI.

See the video Here.

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