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SPARC’S next Operating Event will use Radio Teletype

Original RTTY
Classic Teletype Machine with paper output now replaced by computer program and screen

Radio teletype or RTTY is easy to learn and fun to use. The club will be entering the North American QSO Party RTTY event which starts at 2:00 pm Eastern on Saturday July 15 and runs for 12 hours. Like all our Operating Events this is open to all members. We will be entering in the Multioperator Two-Transmitter (M2) division so there will be operating time for everyone even trainees new to RTTY. Visitors are welcome.

The Exchange is just a name and state. Of course we will use Florida for our state. This year we will use the name Jack to honor the memory of Jack W1BBU who worked on the new station construction, has been a key operator at club events and a friend to all of us.

Detailed information and event Rules can be found at:

If you are interested in participating please contact Tom W4CU at:

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