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SPARC Remote Status Page

This page serves as a current status of the SPARC remote station. Members utilizing the system via the software can check here for the latest equipment status or other information concerning the remote. If you are a SPARC club member and want to use the remote, please go to and get the software. Here is a direct link but please also read the Getting Started guide (note you should search for SPARC to find our remote).

If you are a SPARC member and want to be able to connect to the remote, please email to gain receive access and schedule a “check-ride” on the equipment in person at SPARC to gain TX privileges.

Current Remote Settings

This current status display is still in the experimental stage. It is not accurate at the moment.

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    • Rotor Direction: {rotator.pos} degrees



Current Status

All bands 80-6 are available.

6m thru 20m – Log Periodic

30m – Dipole

40m – Sigma Vertical Dipole

80m and 160m –  Doublet Inverted Vee

Rotor Control through Green Heron Rt21

The antennas are selected automatically withthe Top Ten Devices Band Decoder

Amplifier is offline (please be sure to set it to standby when you disconnect and lower the power level if you use the amp)

The remote is available evenings and weekends (except contest weekends).


Upcoming Projects

  • KPA1500 installation (pending its arrival hopefully in March)



  • The radio used for the remote is an Elecraft K3. This radio has a 1.8Khz SSB filter and a second receiver.
  • The amplifier is an SPE 1.3K-FA 1300 watt amplifier. This is not currently enabled for the remote.


  • For 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m, the antennas is a Tennadyne Log Periodic up 50 feet.
  • 160m  and 80m (Doublet)
  • 40m Force 12 Sigma vertical
  • 6m – Note the Log Periodic seems to work OK with the tuner in the K3

Support Equipment


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