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Keeping Up with SPARC!

Things are always happening at SPARC. But, how do you hear about them?  Maybe you don’t get to make the 6:30PM nightly 2 meter net as often as you like. Well, we have additional ways to keep you in the loop.

SPARC Web Site

The first way is this website. The home page of the website,, always has the latest information about the happenings in the club.

Groups.IO Reflector


You can also stay in touch on the SPARC Groups.IO Group Reflector. “What’s that you say? You say you didn’t know about that?” Well, I know it is an Internet thing but it is 2016 after all and we are hams, so it’s time to get with the program.  There is a great community of folks that share information that is of interest to SPARC members. We make sure it does not turn into one of those “free-for-alls” where people send information completely unrelated to ham radio simply because they think there to be a tangential relationship between the latest thought in their head and ham radio. We do respect your time and are careful to send emails judiciously.  By this time, you may be asking how you sign up. It could not be easier…Simply send an email to In fact, it’s so easy, you can just click on this link and your email program will popup and you click Send to send a message. No need to type anything in the email. Just send that from the email account you want to subscribe and Groups.IO will send you an email to confirm. Reply to that email and you will be signed up. It’s as simple as that.


Another way to stay in touch is to follow the club on Twitter. You can get more information on Twitter at The club’s account is @SPARC_W4GAC. Whenever a post is updated on the club website, a new “tweet” is sent. You can see updates right away.


The club also has a FaceBook page. You can find our FaceBook page under

SPARC videos are on our YouTube channel with many recent club videos

eMail to Members

Lastly, the website has a way to email all registered members (with email addresses of course). We use that VERY cautiously. Only messages of importance to the membership are sent using this method. We have used it a few times during Field Day, but our preference is that you opt into one of the tools mentioned above and get your information from there.

Stay Informed

There are many ways to up to date with SPARC. Take advantage of one or more of them to make the most of your membership. And remember there are always the monthly meetings, where you can actually meet club members and communicate face to face.

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