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Meeting Information

SPARC meets on the first Friday of each month at 7:30 PM.

SPARC will be trying an in-person but OUTDOORS meeting starting with the March 2021 meeting. Terms and conditions as follows:

Meeting Attendance information

  1. The meeting will be held in the church parking lot at our usual location, 4901 5th Ave. N. in St. Petersburg.
  2. The meeting will start at 7:30ish PM based on everyone being comfortable and the AV equipment cooperating.
  3. Please bring and wear a mask, and bring and use hand sanitizer.
  4. Practice safe social distancing when chatting with your friends at the club, be sure to leave space between groups of chairs.
  5. Chairs (no tables) will be provided from the church, but you are absolutely encouraged to bring your own more comfortable lawn chair if you would prefer.
  6. Please avoid parking in the 2 spots closest to the building in each row.  We will coordinate to block these spots off, or work with you to relocate, but if you could avoid those spots it will give all more room to spread out.
  7. We will have a sound system and will have a presentation.
  8. Please feel free to bring snacks and drinks but please plan on taking any garbage with you. We want to continue to be welcomed at the church by being good neighbors.

Weather Cancellation

We will update the website, send an email, and make announcements during the 6:00pm pre-net if we are unable to hold the meeting due to weather.

We are all excited to get things moving back towards normal, and while we are not there yet, we believe we can have a safe meeting. Although there are many that have not received their vaccine, and others who are just simply too high risk to attend, we want to make every effort to have a safe. fun meeting and cannot wait to see all of you again.

Regular meetings of the St Petersburg ARC are at 7:30 pm on the first Friday of every month. Meetings are held at the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church. The church is located on the northwest corner of 5th Avenue North and 49th Street in St. Petersburg. Please park in the large lot at the rear of the church, which is accessible from 6th Avenue North. Enter through the doors labeled “Hobson Fellowship Hall”.

Please note there is NO SMOKING on Church Property and handicap parking is enforced 24/7 so plan accordingly.


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