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President: Pat Connelly, AA0O

Vice-President: Lisa Neuscheler, KC1YL

Secretary: Rich Cariello, AA2MF

Treasurer: Tom Wedding, AI4QP

Board Member: Dee Turner, N4GD

Board Member: John Toth, KI4UIP

Board Member: Tom Schaefer, NY4I

Past President: Bob Wanek, N2ESP

Other Contacts

Repeater Trustee: Ron Hall, KP2N

Net Manager: Rick Niendorf, KK4WTE

Club Station (W4GAC) Trustee: Dave Trewin, KR4U

Contest Group (W4TA) Trustee: Bob Wanek, N2ESP

Webmaster: Tom Schaefer, NY4I

President Emeritus: Leslie Johnson, WA4EEZ

President Emeritus Donn Davis, N4KII

Or Mail us at:

St Petersburg ARC
P.O Box 2217
St. Petersburg, FL 33731
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