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Mobile Installation Contest Judging Criteria

Power Connections

  • Power connections terminated properly
  • Adequate current source
  • Proper fusing?
  • Negative power connection adequate
    • To Battery?
    • To body with star washers?

Antenna Mounting

  • Antenna securely mounted? (Secure for speed or striking obstacles)
  • Weather proof installation?
  • Antenna adequate for power of radio?
  • Does the antenna obstruct view?
  • Any visible damage to antenna?
  • For trunk-lip mounts, are set screws into bare metal? If so, protected from rust?


  • For HF, is necessary bonding done (trunk to car, muffler to frame, etc).
  • Power grounding (see above)

Cable Routing

  • Are cables protected from chaffing or bending damage?
  • If cables go through firewall, do cables use grommet or other protection?
  • Are any cables in engine compartment secured properly?
  • Are steps taken to minimize cables near car computer?
  • Any visible wires under dash or in cabin (cables running on floor from trunk to front)?

Radio Installation

  • Is radio securely mounted?
  • Can the driver see and operate radio easy to minimize distraction while driving?
  • If detached faceplate, are both body and faceplate adequately mounted?
  • Is radio properly ventilated?
  • Is radio secure from passengers, kids? (feet under the seat?)
  • Can the operator hear the speaker well?
  • Are any cables to radio (microphone, speaker, control head) protected and secure?
  • Does it appear to be an overall quality installation?
  • Does it look like the factor installed it?

Operational Safety Concerns

  • Does the mounted radio interfere with the airbag (driver or passenger)?
  • Does the radio allow the driver to drive safely first and foremost?
  • Is the microphone in a safe place?


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