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DXLabs Workshop on April 21, 2018

SPARC will be conducting a full day DXLabs workshop on Saturday April 21st starting at 10:00 AM. The purpose of this is to introduce people to using the DXLabs Suite of software. If you are a recent convert to DXLabs or looking to change from a different logging package, this is the session for you. Topics we will cover include:

  • Installing the software
  • Converting from your current logging software
  • Set up of Logbook of the World (LOTW), QRZ and eQSL integration
  • Getting setup on LOTW including TQSL and completing your setup if you bring your LOTW postcard (more below).
  • Connecting DXLabs to your radio for rig control
  • Using DXView so you can see where the DX is.
  • Digital interfaces
  • Using DXKeeper for award chasing specifically DXCC and WAS.
  • Other topics as determined by the audience

This is an all day session so bring lunch. We have a small ‘fridge if necessary and a microwave. Water and soft drinks are available for purchase from the club’s ‘fridge. The workshop will end around 5:00 PM. Please plan on staying the whole time.

ImportantIf you have a laptop that you use in your shack, bring it along. That way we can install the software right on your computer. Also, seating is limited so please email to reserve your spot. Please only register if you are actively looking to switch to DXLabs or have recently done so. You are welcome to attend if you are just curious but since this is a hands-on workshop with laptops, if we have too many people, it will be difficult to help those seeking to actively switch to the software.

If you have never heard of DXLabs and would like more info to see if you want to switch, check here. You will find information on the software and its capabilities.

Logbook of the World (LOTW)

Since one of the areas we will cover includes LOTW, if you are still trying to get setup on LOTW, we can help at this session too. Even if you use another logging package, bring along your laptop and we can help you get setup on LOTW. However, if you have never tried to setup on LOTW before, you MUST go to this link and get started. The process starts with installing TQSL and requesting a certificate. The ARRL will send you a post card. Bring this post card along to the session. If you have trouble with this step, email Tom at When you register, please let me know if you are just looking for LOTW help or to switch to DXLabs suite of software.

Current Registered Attendees

Leslie JohnsonWA4EEZ
Glenn CateN4GRC
Bob WanekN2ESP
Dave TrewinKR4U
Rich CarielloAA2MF
Steve Heppler
Mark FoltarzKA4JVY
Bud NoceraWO4K
Paul KrahmerKA4IOX

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