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Copy the Field Day Bulletin…

A normal task we always do on Field Day is to copy the W1AW special bulletin sent each year before and during Field Day. This activity simulates what you would do if in a real emergency and you were relying upon bulletins from the ARRL for information. So it is a good skill to learn. To boot, you get 100 bonus points for doing it.

The bulletin is sent in multiple modes (CW, digital (RTTY, PSK31 and MFSK16) and phone. This starts at Friday night at 8:00 local time with CW, then digital at 9:00 and phone at 9:45.

CW frequencies are 1.8025, 3.5815, 7.0475, 14.0475, 18.0975, 21.0675, 28.0675, 50.350 and 147.555 MHz.

Digital frequencies are 3597.5, 7.095, 14.095, 18.1025, 21.095, 28.095, 50.350 and 147.555 MHz. (Note: W1AW will transmit the Field Day Bulletin using 45.45 baud baudot, PSK31 {BPSK Mode}, and MFSK16 in this mode order).

Phone frequencies are 1.855, 3.990, 7.290, 14.290, 18.160, 21.390, 28.590, 50.350 and 147.555 MHz.

Check out this PDF for more information:



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