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Field Day 2022 Wrap up

SPARC’s 2022 Field Day was a successful one. We had 40 people on the sign-in sheet and 21 operator callsigns made QSOs in the log. After removing duplicates we made 1,455 QSOs (statistics breakdown below). Band conditions made for slow going on Saturday but things really picked up Sunday morning.

Overall the stations worked well, having the same radio at each station made it easy to transition between them. We had some issues with the stats screen not keeping up with the QSOs, FT8 locking up N1MM occasionally, and sorting out the PTT for the mic on SSB, other than that it was really smooth. We didn’t end up getting the satellite contact after 2 attempts, though during the 4am ISS pass we did hear him say “Welcome to the International Space Station” and have a QSO with a youth operator.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the event possible and to everyone who attended. Rich AA2MF for all his work setting up the computers and for the use of his equipment, Dave K4RU, John KI4UIP and Floyd KY4MG for getting DMI ready, Charles W4BPP for working on maximizing the bonus points and picking up food, Norm KI4IJA for cranking up the tower, Tom W4CU for keeping us on the best bands, Lisa KC1YL for breakfast, N4GD for sending the radiogram to the section manager and Ed NZ1Q for putting together the YouTube video, Bob N2ESP, Pete KB9LXM and Zack KO4WPO for photos.

-Pat AA0O SPARC President

Stats breakdown

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