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W4TA Scores to a Different Drummer in the FQP

The SPARC Contest Group, W4TA, just completed another running of the Florida QSO Party sponsored by the Florida Contest Group. The only good thing I can say about the propagation was that it sucked equally for all contestants. In spite of conditions, the FCG did everything in its power to pull off another successful event. Thanks for all the hard work.


SPARC has a habit of keeping score to a different drummer. Yes we had QSOs–1263 to be exact. These break down as follows…

Band      Mode    QSOs     Pts          Mult      Pt/Q

7              CW         334         1336       14           4.0

7              LSB         64           128         4              2.0

14           CW         338         1352       51           4.0

14           USB        501         1002       62           2.0

21           CW         26           104         1              4.0

Total      Both      1263       3922       132         3.1

Rich AA2MF working with new operators [N2ESPhoto]
But those are just the numbers for which most stations vie. At SPARC, we keep score differently. We introduced two hams to Radiosport that had no clue what a contest was. We re-introduced two more hams whose experience was limited to some Field Day QSOs (we all know FD is not a contest…at least until 2:00 PM local time). Finally Dave KR4U beat his old record
for the longest contest QSO. Running on the CW station on 20M, Dave put the brakes on the CW keyer to answer a 5 WPM call. As has happened in previous FQPs, Dave learned the operator’s name, antenna and rig type, and most importantly, 599 in PA. SIX MINUTES after calling CQ, another CW QSO was in the log. This is the true spirit of amateur radio, and in our eyes, the only way to keep the hobby growing.

Rich AA2MF helps Gail KD2PCS make her first contest contacts. [N2ESPhoto]
Competing in the FQP were the following SPARC operators: Lisa KC1YL, Rich AA2MF, Gail KD2PCS. Ron KP2N, Bob N2ESP, Dave KR4U, Pat KX4HL, Dee N4GD, Scotty N4RI, Tom NY4I, Tom W4CU, Johnnie W4TSP and Rex KB8ESY.

“The Schaef[f]er Brothers”, Tom W4CU and Tom NY4I [N2ESPhoto]
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