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SPARC Club Meeting Friday, Oct 4.

Don’t miss this special program with Alan Dewey, WB9JTK, President of JTK Communications, Inc. Alan will demonstrate how his company fabricates circuit boards for builders and experimenters using his desktop equipment. Since we expect the demonstration of his process will last one hour we will start on time and expedite the break and business meeting.

Alan will tell us about advances in PCB fabrication now that through-hole components are disappearing. With that we are experiencing greater challenges to test and prototype our electronic circuit ideas. It is just not possible to run hookup wire to surface-mount components with leads spaced only 1/2mm center-to-center. Advancements in 3-D printer technology and the development of improved conductive inks now makes it practical to drill, print, and solder, circuit boards right on the desktop.

Join us at Hobson Hall, 5th Ave Baptist Church, 7:30 PM. See you there.

PS  Don’t forget about the 50/50 raffle and give away table.  It should be filled with many items from a couple of ham estates.

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