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Repeater Trustee Request

The SPARC repeater system has FCC mandated 3 minute timeout requirement programmed into its RC-210 controller.  This holds true for all amateur radio repeaters under FCC license.

Most hams using the SPARC system, for the most part, are using programmable radios that have a timeout (TOT) feature in the software.  I am requesting you program your TOT to less than 3 minutes.  This would help to keep our repeaters from timing out from the occasional stuck microphone switch or shorted PTT line.

Our system also has a BEEP signal that is heard when an incoming transmission is over.  The BEEP tells us the system timer has reset to the full 3 minutes. If you transmit before letting the BEEP sound then you only have what is left on the system timer. Example:  If the last input signal talks for 2 minutes, 30 seconds and you jump the BEEP you have only 30 seconds left before system timeout.  Please let the system BEEP before transmitting.

Thank you all for keeping the SPARC system one of the most active in the Florida


Ron KP2N

SPARC Repeater Trustee


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