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Planning a Weekend General Upgrade Class

Tom Schaefer, NY4I, is coordinating a weekend General Class upgrade class. Note this is NOT an exam cram class. The student is expected to do pre-study (lots of it using the Gordon West book).

You must have a Technician class license to participate.

The date of the workshop is March 14th @ 9:00 AM. This will go all day so plan on until 6:00 PM including the test. The location is DMI Research. Note that you MUST contact Tom Schaefer by January 25th to ensure you can get your study materials. This is NOT a “cram” session. You are expected to go through the manual ahead of time and come prepared. Your success in upgrading is directly proportional to the amount of preparation you do prior to the weekend. There will also be an exam following the course.

You will need the Gordon West, General Upgrade Manual (2011 – 2015). You can order this though any source you like including Amazon. If we have enough people, I can place a bulk order but the difference between that and Amazon is negligible. Here is a link to Amazon:

You may also want the audio guide the Gordon West makes. Note there is NO charge for the class itself  other than you have to buy a book. You will also be responsible for the $15 for the VE exam that you will take at the end of the class. Our goal is that everyone that starts, walks out after passing the General class.  Contact Tom at or 727-437-2771

If you want to help putting on the class, please contact me as well.

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