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One Day General Class Upgrade Workshop Forming

Tom NY4I is forming a multi-club one-day General Workshop.

THIS IS NOT A CRAM SESSION. You must do pre-work from the book. Our goal is to work with the material you have learned by self-study, clarify some topics and teach you how to be a general. We want people to know what to do with More

Study Guide Needed

If you have a current version of either an ARRL or Gordon West Technician Study Guide that you would

Ohm’s Law

like to donate to a deserving student, please contact Kyle, N4NSS at or 727-331-2924. A used book in good condition is all that’s needed. If you have upgraded and no longer need your More

Extra Propagation

The SPARC daily net’s Q&A session run by Ed, NZ1Q is moving on to Propagation questions from

Ohm's Law
Ohm’s Law

the Amateur Extra question pool. Ed and his team have just finished running through questions covering the digital modes available to radio amateurs. A question is presented every evening with answer/discussion following at the end of … More

SPARC Ham Radio Bucket List

The challenge for 2016 is for each SPARC member to expand their activity in our hobby. To this end, the SPARC Bucket List below provides some potential growth areas. There are no prizes, just the personal satisfaction of learning a new skill or reaching a new goal.

  • Give a presentation at a club meeting
  • Upgrade


General Upgrade Class

On Saturday, March 14th, the long mentioned General One Day Workshop was held at the SPARC clubhouse. This workshop has been in the works for a few months. The following 4 students attended the class:

  • Ray Farmer, KM4GHB
  • Sean Favata, KM4SFF
  • Alfie Shary, KK4MYO
  • Terry Simms, KK4TNA

The 4 students started studying back in January … More

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