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Plan now for Home Brew Night in March

Yes, it is that time of year again.  Get your Home Brew project ready for the March 1 club meeting.  This year HB Night will be in March (the Feb club program will be announced soon).

SPARC’s usual “HB Show & Tell” includes projects that may range from your own design to modifications or unique interconnections.  Anything ham related is acceptable and could include antennas, rigs, software, feedlines, shack power, remote operating, boat-anchors and more. See the clip below for more ideas.

Last year we had 7 presentations of HB projects by NY4I, KA4IOX, AA0O, KJ4FAW, AE0EG, KC1YL & KA1IJA.  You may have created something over the last year or are planning to start a project now.  Get it ready and let program coordinator Ed, NZ1Q know you plan on participating [Ed’s call]

See a clip of last year’s HB Night >> here.

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