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SPARC Tower Damage from Pinellas Park Tornado

The recent tornado that passed through Pinellas Park on Thursday February 6th was not kind to SPARC. While this damage pales in comparison to people that had trees fall on their homes; nonetheless, the tower at the club station suffered some damage such that it will not crank down. The tower appears to have bent at the base of the joint where the sections overlap. One element on the log periodic antennas appears damaged as well.

Club tower bent

Further behind the club station, you can see from this picture … Click for more

Homebrew Night on February 7th

For the last few years, SPARC has held Homebrew Night in February. No, we are not talking about beer. In a long tradition, Homebrew in Amateur Radio is the things you craft yourself that you find useful in some aspect of radio. This is an evening where club members can show the projects they have built over the past year. The loose definition of homebrew equipment is something you built from scratch or a piece of gear you modified to suit your purpose. It can be an antenna project, a … Click for more

SPARC in the Park

On Saturday March 14th, 2020, SPARC is hosting a gathering for club members (and our north county CARS and UPARC friends) to setup in the park. This is an informal gathering so plan on bringing your own stuff to this one. The site is Lake Seminole Park (shelter # 6) starting at 8:00 AM. Grab your lunch, drinks, a radio and come out and play radio in park. More information is available at Radio Clubs in the Park ( )

SPARC Holiday Party

Don’t forget about the annual SPARC after-holiday party on February 9, 2020. That is the Sunday after the club meeting and the same weekend as Orlando Hamcation. So unless you are spending the whole weekend in Orlando, stop by Brooklyn Pizza in Seminole and join the club at 3:00 PM. No signup needed as there is plenty of room. More info is available here.

Tips for Winter Field Day 2020

Greetings! Winter Field Day is almost here and we expect this to be a great deal of fun. First, to recap, the Winter Field Day site is at the Clearwater Fire Training Center at 1700 N Belcher Rd. That is just past the railroad tracks between NE Coachman and Sunset Point Rd. US 19 to Sunset Point Road or Belcher Road are your best bets. We will start setup between 8 and 9 AM on Saturday with operating starting at 2:00 PM and running through to 2:00 PM Sunday. Help … Click for more

Winter Field Day 2020 Sign Up Roster

Here is the list of people that have already signed up for Winter Field Day:

(Note if you still need to signup, click here.)

Tom Schaefer NY4I
Jason Esterline N4BOZ
Glenn Panazzolo N4ESU
Ron Hall KP2N
Jack Kinney N4KIN
Patrick Connelly AA0O
Ken Shur KO4V
Ron Appel W4RFA
Ruth Appel None
Kenneth Martens WK4KM
Herb Mooney KM4YZP
Alan Streitman W4UB
Steve Foy N4FOY
George WB9AZV
David W Trewin KR4U
Julia Sausville NF1T
Scott Sausville KN4NNA
Ira Brand KC1EMJ
Gerry Pollack WR6N
Henry AK4M
Norman KA1IJA

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