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Bell Labs Proves Existence of Dark Suckers

Alan, KO4CR, rebroadcasts an edited version of the Amateur Radio News Line on the SPARC repeater once a week after the evening net. The latest broadcast caused considerable discussion on the morning roundtable as well as the evening pre-net. For those who missed the broadcast, a copy of the article about “dark suckers” follows.

For years it has been believed that electric bulbs emitted light. However, recent information from Bell Labs has proven otherwise. Electric bulbs don’t emit light; they suck dark. Thus they now call these bulbs dark suckers.  … Click for more

SPARC Lagniappe

  • Web Site of Interest


For an all-inclusive weather site, check out Mike’s Weather Page (

  • 65 Great Things about Ham Radio


A few years ago, CQ Magazine ( ran an article titled “60 Great Things about Ham Radio.” The series was quite popular and it’s repeated below with the permission of CQ Magazine, including a few updates and five more “Great Things about Ham Radio.”

1. It works when nothing else does
2. It makes you part of a worldwide community
3. The opportunity … Click for more

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For some interesting free weather software, check out

Top Ten Ways You Know You Just Might Be Married To a Ham

10)  His favorite superheroes are Marconi and Tesla.
9)  His sense of wellbeing is tied to the sunspot cycle.
8)  His electric shaver has a backup diesel generator.
7)  He shows you his PL-259 connector.
6)  For a romantic honeymoon, he chooses Dayton over Tahiti.
5)  He rates your love making in S units.
4)  He buys you an HT for your anniversary.
3)  He attaches a … Click for more

SPARC Lagniappe *

This serving of Lagniappe features some poetry of Olde.

Silent Key

By Howard O. McCall

From The Sparks Journal, Vol. 3 #2

A shaft of sunlight,

Pierces the gloom,

Of the shadowy quiet,

In the radio room,

The equipment sits idle,

Because, you see,

The one who used them,



The once shiny microphone,

Now dusty and dull,

A coaxial switch,

Angles off from the wall,

The chrome plated bug,

A beauty to see,

The one who made use of these,



Gone … Click for more

A Website Makeover…

Welcome to the new look of the SPARC website. This is the same WordPress site underneath but a new format. The new site uses a three column design so one does not have to scroll down the page to see current topics. You can also see the 10 most recent posts on the right under the current weather conditions at the SPARC station.

Take it for a spin and let us know what you think… Feel free to comment on Facebook or to

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Free General Interest Ham Radio Newsletter

Want to learn more about the people and things that make up our hobby? The K9YA Telegraph is an amateur radio publication that is written by its subscribers for its subscribers. Downloadable once a month in pdf format, the publication’s motto is “Good News about Amateur Radio.” Articles range from human interest to history, nostalgia, old gear and just plain fun.

For sample issues and a free subscription to the K9YA Telegraph, visit


Unique Call Sign Gift

According to Zazzle, this item … Click for more

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