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SPARC Lagniappe*

Wireless (radio) has a long tradition at sea. If you’re an avid reader, you might enjoy some of these books about maritime radio and radio officers.

  • One Hundred Years of Maritime Radio by W D Goodwin
  • Blackwater by Harold Lawrence Tredree (set aboard the SS NORMANDIER)
  • Deep Sea Sparks – a Canadian Girl in the Norwegian Merchant Navy by Olive J Carroll
  • Dots, Dashes and Spindrift by Dan Williams
  • Fated by Charlie Gregory (ex R/O GKR, O/C GNF, Radio Surveyor Cardiff SRIO)
  • Ferry Destiny by Dan Williams
  • Life Aboard a Wartime Liberty Ship by Ian M Malcolm
  • Memories of a Sea Gipsy by Derek Peters
  • QTC – I Have a Message for You by “Sparks” (Ray Redwood)
  • SOS TO THE RESCUE by Karl Baarslag [title subsequently changed to “Famous Sea Rescues”]
  • Sparks at Sea by R W Chandler
  • Sparks in the Parks: by W Hutcherson
  • Through Salt Sprayed Eyes by Robert Welsh
  • To Catch a Shadow by Leon Wortman
  • The Wireless Officer by Percy Westerman
  • Watchers of the Waves: a history of British Coast Radio Stations
  • Wireless at Sea, The First Fifty Years
  • History of The Radio Officer in the British Merchant Navy And on Deep-Sea Trawlers;
  • CQ-GTZM – Diary of a Maritime Radio Officer

*Lagniappe: (LAN-yap) “A little something extra.”

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