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SPARC December 2018 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of SPARC December 2018 Meeting – November 30, 2018

Meeting called to order by Bob N2ESP at 7:30 PM followed by the Pledge of allegiance. Acknowledgment of guests and introduction were done. A moment of silence was held for Peter KJ4FAW with reading of a thank you card received from Scott and Emma.

Treasures report was given by Tom AI4QP.

SPARC available funds as of OCT 13, 2018 is $8,346.61.

Vice President Ed NZ1Q was not in attendance.

Rick KK4WTE had no Net Managers Report.

Dave KR4U gave the Club Trustee report. SPARC station at the new location is mostly done and plans are being made for club contesting to begin soon.

Tom, NY4I doing the SPARC Web design spoke about the resent addition of a web site club calendar.

Ron KP2N, Repeater Trustee not in attendance but all reports about the club repeaters is everything working as expected.

Tom AI4QP Membership reported one new member:

Charles Adkinson W4BPP.

Don N4KII gave the End of Year V.E. activity report. Combined location Yearly Total: 62.

DMI ARRL Test Site:

New Techs: 23

Upgrades: 18

ARRL Total: 41

W5YI Lealman Fire Station Test Site:

New Techs: 14

Upgrades: 7

W5YI Totals: 21


Bob N2ESP club income of just over $1000 for the SPARC Fest.

Holiday Party at 3PM, Jan 13th 2019 at Brooklyn Pizza.

TampaBay Hamfest Dec 7&8 where SPARC will have a table.


Bob N2ESP Next SPARC FEST Nov 9, 2019 at Freedom Lake Park. Dee will get the event permit.

Each month SPARC will donate $50 to the 5th Ave Baptist Church for the use of this room for the club meetings.

SPARC dues will increase January 1, 2019 to cover the new expenses.

$20 individual, $25 per family.

Bob N2ESP, made a request to the club membership for meeting ideas and events for the club station.

Jan 26-27 2019 is Winter Field Day to be held at the Clearwater Fire Station. This will be a three club activity as was the Summer Field Day. Tom NY4I, Lisa KC1YL and Rich AA2MF will be on the committee. $200 was approved for the event expenses.

SPARC 2019 Exe Board meetings will be:

Feb 23rd

May 25th

Aug 31th

Nov 30th

Tom NY4I spoke about club shirts with a price range between $25 and $30 depending on size.

Break: 8:05 PM

Resume: 8:15 PM

Monthly Program:

Bob N2ESP presented a DVD “The illustrated Guide To 160 Meter Contesting”

Meeting Ended: 8:35 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Rich AA2MF Secretary

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