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SPARC Board Meeting Minutes – November 25th, 2017

Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM by Club President, Bob N2ESP

SPARC FEST Report by Club Treasurer, Tom AI4QP. Club profit of approximately $504 was made from this event. Very good turnout from our club membership, great time had by all.

CLUB STATION IMPROVEMENTS Report by Club Trustee, Dave KR4U. Current station Dipoles have been removed for retuning. New 160/80 Meter fan-dipole with ladder line feed is ready to be installed. December 16th set as station antenna party for second tower. Volunteers will be requested for at next club meeting.

FUND RAISER Report by Club President Bob N2ESP. Club plans to sell at next Tampa Bay Ham Fest.

CLUB ACTING AS SALES AGENT. Club Trustee, Dave KR4U requested a review on the club’s sales agent policy. Current policy information will be compiled for review at the next Executive Board Meeting.

2018 EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING DATES. Club President, Bob N2ESP submitted the new 2018 meeting dates. February 24th, May 26th, August 25th, November 24th, which were approved.

2018 SPARC FEAST. Club President provided the next SPARC FEST date as November 10, 2018 in Freedom Lake Park in Pinellas Park. There will be a fee of $20.00 for the first time this year.

NEW TRAINING PROGRAM. Club Board Member, Tom NY4I gave an update on his “Ham Radio Boot Camp” program to cover hands on aspects of Ham Radio Operations. Program expected to start February 2018 and to continue every other month. Tom NY4I, will also do a presentation at our December club meeting “HF Contacts Soup to Nuts”.

SPARC REMOTE STATION POLICY. Club Board Member. Tom NY4I will draft the policy for review.

WINTER FIELD DAY. Club Board Member, Tom NY4I gave a progress report of this event being held on January 27th and 28th. The next committee meeting will be held next week.

AFTER HOLIDAY PARTY. Club President. Bob N2ESP reported the day to still be Sunday January 28th. Party location still needs to be found.

SPARC TO BECOME ARRL SPECIAL SERVICE CLUB. Subject opened for discussion by Club President. Bob N2ESP. After much debate change in club status was declined.

NEW SHELVING FOR STATION. Club Board Member. John KI4UIP requested funding to replace warn station shelving. Request approved funds to be taken from station maintenance budget.

SPARC WEB SITE USEAGE. Club Board Member. Tom NY4I presented tracking data on the SPARC WEB Site with hits to our FaceBook and Twitter accounts. Information to be used to determine interest in club.

WELCOME TO SPARC. Club Trustee. Dave KR4U opened for discussion on ways of making first time meeting visitors feel more welcome and getting our membership more active. This conversation lead to NEW WEB SITE ARTICLES and finding out more about OUR CURRENT MEMBERSHIP. Club Board Member. Tom NY4I will implement a “SPARC WEB SITE INTERACTIVE SURVEY”.

Meeting adjourned by Club President. Bob N2ESP at 3:47 PM.

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