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Minutes of SPARC Meeting – October 7, 2016


7:30pm, meeting called to order. Pledge of Allegiance, introductions and acknowledgement of guests were done. Secretary’s Minutes from September’s meeting is posted on the club’s website and accepted by membership. The Treasurer’s Report given by Tom – AI4QP, Vice President’s Report given by Ed – NZ1Q, the Net Manager’s Report was given by Rick – KK4WTE, the Club Trustee Report given by Dave – KR4U, the club station is running well with no issues. The VE Report was given by Donn – N4KII, two test takers for the month and two new Technicians. Repeater Report was given by Ron – KP2N, all repeaters are functioning well with no issues. All reports were accepted by membership.

Old Business – The club tower has been installed and an antenna party will be held Saturday October 8 at 10:00am, to remove the station’s Log Periodic antenna from it’s current location on top of the storage container and to install the rotor and mast onto the new tower. The St. Petersburg Science Festival will be held October, 22nd down town St. Petersburg and The SPARC Fest will be held November 12th at Freedom Lake Park.

New Business – Nominations for club officers were were read by Donn – N4KII. The current officers all volunteered to carry on their present positions. The membership was asked if there was any interest in a class for license upgrades and a possible BBQ/Picnic to be held sometime in the future..
Break called at 8:05pm. Meeting called to order at 8:15pm, Ed – NZ1Q did a presentation on JT-65 for HF weak signal digital mode. Meeting closed at 9:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ron – KK4KRC
SPARC Secretary

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