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Minutes of SPARC Meeting – November 3, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm. Pledge of Allegiance, introductions and acknowledgment of guests were made. A moment of silence for Silent Key Neil, W4NHL. Secretary’s Report for October’s meeting is posted on the club’s website. Tom, AI4QP gave the Treasurer’s Report, Ed, NZ1Q gave the Vice President’s comments, Rick, KK4WTE, gave the Net Manager’s Report, Donn, N4KII gave the V.E. Report. Dave, KR4U gave the Club Trustee’s Report and Ron, KP2N gave the Repeater Trustee’s Report. Bob, N2ESP gave the President’s Report. All reports were accepted by the membership. The club accepted new members, Larry, KN4GWV, Kenneth, N4HYV, Mark, KM4PHH/Family membership, Earl, KN4GWT and Wil, W7WMS.

Old Business – The SPARC display was a success at the St. Petersburg Science Festival. SPARC Fest will be held this year at Freedom Lake Park on November 11th and membership was asked for help/volunteers to aid in the sale of the large amount of equipment being sold by the club. An alternate talk in station request was also made of the membership.

New Business – Elections were made and the only change was the Secretary’s position which will now be held by Richie – AA2MF. The After Holidays Party will be held January 28th, but a location has not been determined yet. January 27th is Winter Field Day. Break called at 8:10pm. Meeting called to order 8:25pm, Dee, N4GD, gave the presentation for the evening, the CW setup that was used at the Science Fest. Meeting closed at 8:37pm.

Respectfully submitted,

SPARC Secretary

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