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Minutes of SPARC Meeting – December 1, 2017

Club President Bob N2ESP presiding.


Pledge of allegiance to the Flag.

Club Roll Call with THREE FIRST TIME visitors reporting.

November Club minutes as posted on WEB Sites accepted.


TREASURER: Presented by Club President Bob N2ESP

SPARC FEST total profit to Club: $579.75.

SPARC Funds as of November 1, 2017   Total $3813.45

Treasurer Report voted on and accepted as presented.


VICE PRESIDENT: Given by Club Vice President Ed NZ1Q February meeting topic will be “HOME BREW PROJECTS” please get yours ready.


NET REPORT: Given by Club Net Manager Rick KK4WTE

Net Manager’s Summary Report November 2017

NET                           QNI           QTC         QND           SESSIONS     COMMENTS

2 Meter                       451           10           1020                   30               NONE

220-440                     53               3             77                       5                NONE

Manager’s                   27             27           40                       4                 NONE

MONTHLY TOTALS   531           40           1137                   39               NONE



A club entry into the ARRL RTTY ROUNDUP Contest, January 6th -7th is being planned. Anyone interested in joining the group please let us know.

Club Board Member John KI4UIP and Club Trustee Dave KR4U are redesigning all the Club’s low band antennas. A new 160/80 Meter Dipole with an open ladder feed is planned to be added to the station. ANTENNA PARTY SATURDAY DECEMBER 19th to put up the second tower and this new Low Band antenna system. Club Members are needed for this event.


SPARC WEB SITE: Given by Club Board Member Tom NY4I spoke about a new Data Tracking Program which will determine Web Site to Facebook/Twitter account hits. This information will be used to determine new club activities. Club President Bob N2ESP requested from our membership new articles and photos to be posted onto the SPARC Web Site.


SPARC REPEATER: Given by Repeater Trustee Ron KP2N Repeater Maintenance is planned for the first week of December. A new 220/440 antenna will be put into service sometime in the month of December.


MEMBERSHIP: Two Membership Applications Received. Patrick Connelly KX4HL (EXTRA), Edward Burnette KN4GJU (EXTRA). Membership voted on and approved.


V.E. SESSION: Given by V.E. Manager Don N4KII Combined Total tests passed from both V.E. Sessions month of November, One EXTRA, One General, Two Tech.


SPARC AFTER HOLIDAY PARTY: Given by Club President Bob N2ESP. Party Date still set for January 28th but a location for the party still needs to be found. If anyone has some ideas please let us know. Location hoped for should be a privet area within a restaurant that can provide food and accommodate 40 people. If a location is not found by our next club meeting the date and plains may need to be changed.


WINTER FIELD DAY: Given by Club Board Member Tom NY4I. The SPARC Winter Field Day Committee members are SPARC Board Member Tom NY4I and SPARC Secretary Rich AA2MF. We had our First Event Meeting on November 27th with the two other clubs, UPARC and CARS. The call sign for this event will be W4TA. We will run THREE stations OUTDOORS. Event class will be 3O (Three Stations Outside). We are reviewing three possible locations for this event. The decision will be made by Christmas. Next Telecom Meeting set for December 13th at 7PM. We need SPARC members for this event to help and operate.


SPARC FEST 2018: Given by Club President Bob N2ESP will be held on November 10, 2018 at Freedom Lake Park in Pinellas Park. For the first time the club will be charged a $20 fee for the use of the park.


CLUB DUES: Club President Bob N2ESP requesting Members to pay their Dues. Single Membership $15.00, Family Membership $20.00


SPARC President Bob N2ESP brought to the attention of the club members that any antenna work, station setup or general help by our SPARC members to fellow Hams is not part of SPARC activity. Members can help each other but only as independent fellow hams helping each other, but not to be considered as part of SPARC operations for insurance reasons.


MEETING BREAK: At 8PM Club President Bob N2ESP called a 10 minute break.


MEETING Resumed: At 8:10PM Club President Bob N2ESP called meeting back to order.


CLUB PROGRAM: The floor was turned over to Board Member Tom NY4I for his presentation “HAM STATION REMOTE OPERATION MADE EASY”


SPARC END OF MEETING: At 9:00PM Club President Bob N2ESP closed the meeting.


Report Submitted by SPARC Secretary Rich AA2MF

















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