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Minutes of SPARC Meeting – August 5, 2016


7:30pm, the meeting was called to order. Pledge of Allegiance and introductions were made as well as acknowledgment of guests. Secretary’s Report for July is posted on the club website. President’s Report given by Bob – N2ESP. Tom – AI4QP, read the Treasurer’s Report, Rick – KK4WTE, read the Net Manager’s Report, Dave – KR4U, read the Club Trustee Report, the station is back together and working well after this year’s Field Day. Ron – KP2N, read the Repeater Report, requested the members and users of the club repeaters to remember the “unwritten rule” of the club to not discuss religion and or politics on the repeaters.
Membership Report was given by Tom – AI4QP, two new members, Lisa – KC1YL and Raymond – KM4VDI. Donn – N4KII, read the VE Report, two new Technicians and 1 new Extra. All reports were accepted by the membership.

Old business – No new information to report on the club tower installation.
New business – Executive Board Meeting will be held Saturday August 27th the clubhouse at 2pm. All members are welcome to attend. SPARC will have a display at the St. Petersburg, Science Festival, looking for volunteers and ideas for the setup. TARC Fest will be held on August 20th in Tampa. ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference will be held at the Hilton in downtown St. Petersburg, September 16th-18th. W4ABC will be donating radio equipment to the club. Break called at 7:51pm.

8:05pm, the meeting called to order. The Program for the evening was Split HF Operation presented by Bob – N2ESP. Meeting closed at 8:27pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ron – KK4KRC
SPARC Secretary

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