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Minutes of SPARC Meeting April 6, 2018

Meeting called to order by Bob N2ESP at 7:30 PM followed by the pledge of allegiance and a thank you to Ms. Judy for her homemade cookies. Acknowledgment of guests and introduction were done. Secretary’s minutes for March meeting are posted on the club website and accepted by the membership. Treasure’s report was given by Tom AI4QP. Vice President Ed NZ1Q Spoke about tonight’s program “interfacing a computer and radio for digital HF operation.” Rick KK4WTE gave the Net Manager’s report and presented “Repeater Award Certificates,” photo on SPARC Web Page. Dave KR4U gave the Club Trustee report, spoke about how well the club did during the WPX Phone contest and the need for operators for the FQP at the end of this month. Tom NY4I reported that the SPARC Web site is working well. The club repeater report was given by Trustee Ron KP4N, the beep has been removed and everything is working well. Membership report given by Bob N2ESP, four new members, Julia Sausville KN4KGX, Lowell Hurter KI4ZRZ, Robert Dally N3UAS, Russell Savela KB1DET were introduced and voted in. The VE Report was given by Don N4KII noting that all has been going very well.
OLD BUSINESS: Bob N2ESP reported the “SPARC PLUG AWARD” was presented to Tom NY4I. The club has declined the running of the TERA event purposed by Leslie WA4EEZ. The club operation in the WPX Phone contest was spoken about by Tom NY4I, high QSO rates and new member as part of the team. Tom NY4I reminded everyone about the DXLAB Software training program he will be giving on April 21th. Limited seating so let him know if you want to attend. Tom NY4I presented a motion about the ARRL County Wide Summer Field Day. Voted and approved. Field Day site will be by the Clearwater Fire Training Facility same as Winter Field Day. Committee formed: Tom NY4I, Rich AA2MF; one additional person needed.
NEW BUSINESS: TARC Fest next Saturday, Help needed to move items. Florida QSO Party April 28-29th. St Pete Science Fest Oct 20th. The SPARC Repeater is a backup system for the American Diabetes Walk 7AM-12 Noon this Sunday. New Style Club Badges are being designed. Fort Pierce Ham fest April 7th.
Meeting Break 8:15 PM
Meeting continued 8:25 PM
Program by Paul KB4IOX “HF Digital Radio and Interfacing your Computer” Complete program information posted on the SPARC resource page.
Meeting Closed 9 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Rich, AA2MF, Secretary

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