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Minutes of SPARC Board Meeting – February 24, 2018

Meeting started at 2:00 PM, Bob N2ESP presiding

Board Members Present: President Bob Wanek N2ESP, Treasurer Tom Wedding AI4QP, Board member John Toth KI4UIP, Board member Dee Turner N4GD, Board member Tom Schaefer NY4I, Past President Ron Hall KP2N. (Ed Erny NZ1Q and Rich Cariello AA2MF not in attendance)

Presidents Emeritus: Don N4KII and Leslie WA4EEZ

Committee Members: Station Trustee Dave KR4U

Old Business

  • Date of holiday party was discussed with March 18 as the tentative date. Info to be sent to membership after confirmation with resturant.

New Business

  • Discussed Net Control Certificates and recognition via plaques for NCS stations over a certain number of years. Tom AI4QP motioned (seconded by Tom NY4I) to authorize up to $100 to purchase plaques for long-serving net control stations.
  • Tom NY4I discussed a date for a DXLabs workshop to be open top members of SPARC and surrounding clubs. The date is April 21. Tom NY4I will handle advertising and organizing the event.
  • Tom discussed the club’s plans for ARRL Field Day in June with a question if we want to do the same as last year or consider participating with UPARC and CARS as in the recent Winter Field Day. This will be mentioned at the regular March meeting.
  • Ron KP2N proposed the club purchase a COMET CAA-500 Mark II antenna analyzer. As this was a $400 purchase, this was tabled until the regular March meeting.
  • Dave KR4U discussed purchasing an Array Solutions 15m bandpass filter for the club’s triplexer for $120. With unanimous consent, this was adopted.
  • Leslie WA4EEZ discussed SPARC performing administration of a digital contest that has been orphaned. The former TARA Tourney needs a new administrator. This will be investigated to see if there is enough interest in SPARC and surrounding clubs to help.
  • John KI4UIP reported the club received some items for sale from John KK4AXF including an Icom 7000 and a Kenwood 440 w/ tuner. This equipment will be checked and advertised for sale

Meeting adjourned at 3:09 PM

Submitted by Tom Schaefer, NY4I

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