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Minute of SPARC Meeting – March 3, 2017


7:30PM, the meeting was called to order. Pledge of Allegiance, introductions and acknowledgment of guests made. Moment of Silence for Silent Keys Richard Keller – KF4NS and Arthur Chartier – KG4TGR. Secretary’s Minutes of February’s meeting are posted on the club’s website, Tom – AI4QP, read the Treasurer’s Report, Ed- NZ1Q, gave the Vice President’s Report, Net Manager’s Report was read by Rick – KK4WTE, Dave – KR4U, gave the Club Trustee’s Report, the SPARC newsletter will be discontinued. Ron – KP2N, gave the Repeater Trustee’s Report and the repeaters are working as they should. Tom – AI4QP, gave the Membership Report, new members, Andy – N9PNL, Robert – W2RJD and Ron – W4RFA were welcomed by membership. Don – N4KII, gave the VE Report, 2 new General Class and 1 new Technician class. All reports accepted by membership.
Old business – The patches which were discussed at the last meeting were found to be too expensive and will not be purchased.
New business – Ed – NZ1Q, has created a tri-fold flyer to be given out at public events. A Field Day Chairman for Field Day 2017 is needed and a new dipole antenna will be installed at the club station. A By Law change has been proposed by Brian – W9CR and will be posted on the club’s website for the members to review. Break was called at 7:50pm.

Meeting called to order at 8:05pm, the program for the evening is Home Brew Night. Presenters were,

Kyle, N4NSS – Magnetic loop antenna
Ralph KI4SMI – Regen receiver kit
Tom K0TAK – portable field transceiver setup
Ron KP2N – HB 25w transmitter for his girlfriend
Brian W9CR – cavity and cans for filtering in repeaters
Jeff 9Z4CG – DV4 mini setup for Digital Voice
Mike KV0OOM – Feed line cabling flow chart
Tom W4CU – HF transmitter
Felix KI4TWQ – Solar charging breaker panel and charge monitor

Meeting ended at 9:05pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ron – KK4KRC
SPARC Secretary

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