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Aardvarks Rank High in Makrothen RTTY Contest

Seeing the need for a small Radiosport (contest) group, two SPARC members, Tom W4CU and Rich AA2MF asked members of CARS, SPARC and UPARC if they would be interested in learning more about contesting by joining a small local group. As a result, the Aardvark Wireless Group was formed.  When asked how the name was chosen, Tom stated “we’ll always be at the top of the list.” Members of the group consist of both experienced contesters and folks that have never participated in a contest. The group provides a focal point for assisting operators in setting up and using the various logging, operating and contesting programs as well as developing and improving operating skills. To keep things focused, there are no officers, dues, or formal meetings. Just the will to enjoy the great hobby of amateur radio. With lots of Elmering (mentoring) by fellow Aardvarks, a number of stations have participated in numerous contests, both local and worldwide.

One of the contests the group entered is known as the Makrothen RTTY Contest. Makrothen is a Greek word meaning “great distance” or “some distance away”. In this contest Maidenhead grid locators are exchanged between stations. Using two grid locators, the distance between the two stations in kilometers is calculated and used as the point value for the QSO.

The final standing in the 2020 Makrothen RTTY Contest were just released. The Aardvarks finished in 8th place out of 158 team entries. Only four of our six entries were included in final tally, indicating either two entries did not list the club name correctly or two entries were misplaced. It should be noted that those two entries, if found and counted, would not lift our score enough to move to seventh place.

Final individual placements in their respective categories are:

Rich AA2MF took first place in both World and North America in the Single Operator SO2R category out of a total of ten entries. Congratulations on an outstanding effort Rich.

The Single Operator, Single Transmitter, High Power (SO-ST-HP) category had 246 entries. Two Aardvarks placed well:

  • Tom W4CU placed 7th in North America and 19th in the world.
  • Dave KR4U placed 33rd in North America and 73rd in the world.

The Single Operator, Single Transmitter, Low Power (SO-ST-LP) category had 502 entries. In this category, three Aardvarks turned in the following scores:

  • Bob N2ESP placed 9th in North America and 36th in the world.
  • Leslie WA4EEZ placed 21st in North America and 74th in the world.
  • Julia NF1T placed 43rd in North America and 153rd in the world.

Fantastic job Aardvarks. And just in, the Aardvarks just missed placing in the top ten on the ARRL 2020 Field Day Club Aggregate Score list.

If you would like to learn more about Radiosport contesting or the Aardvark Wireless Group, contact Tom W4CU or Rich AA2MF.



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