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SPARC Ham Radio Bucket List

The challenge for 2016 is for each SPARC member to expand their activity in our hobby. To this end, the SPARC Bucket List below provides some potential growth areas. There are no prizes, just the personal satisfaction of learning a new skill or reaching a new goal.

  • Give a presentation at a club meeting
  • Upgrade your license
  • Help setup/takedown at field day siteSt Pete Amateur Radio Club Banner
  • Enter your first Radiosport contest
  • Win a contest award
  • Elmer a newbie
  • Write a SPARC GAP article
  • Write a SPARC Web site article
  • Confirm a new DXCC country
  • Learn Morse Code
  • Teach a radio class
  • Join ARES/ACS
  • Become a VE
  • Work a new mode
  • Bring in a new SPARC member
  • Explain/Demonstrate ham radio to a non-ham.
  • Help setup/takedown at SPARCFEST
  • Build an electronic kit.
  • Attend a hamfest
  • Be a SPARC net control.
  • Send an ARRL Radiogram.

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