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Morse Code – Who Had A Clue?

Another interesting email arrived at SPARC this week. A lady had “received” a message in Morse code she couldn’t decode. Strange you ask? True. She asked us for help in decoding the message. Forwarding the request to a few SPARK members, Ed NZ1Q, stepped up to the challenge.

Ed was given a phone number that connected him to the recorded CW message. Thirty seconds later, the message was decoded. It turns out that sender of the email was involved in a “learning challenge that involves solving [a series of] ciphers.” The result of solving the previous clues hidden in a series of movie clips, was the phone number given to Ed. Dialing the number, Ed heard a CW recording which contained the next clue. Ed decoded the message and relayed the clue (contents of the message) back to the originator. We received a quick thank you email for our timely response, and was off to solve the next cipher.

It was fun adding a link to the message chain. Where will the chain will lead? We may never know, but we may have found another way to promote ham radio to the public.


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