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SPARC wants your participation in the Florida QSO Party

SPARC wants your participation in the Florida QSO Party

SPARC has registered to participate in the April 29 – 30, 2023 Florida QSO Party (FQP) using the newly relocated and updated club station. The club has earned numerous First Place FQP Awards in the past – the most recent being in 2019 just before COVID.

The club is looking for the participation of everyone who wants to improve operating skills or learn about contesting on HF. Please note that all members can operate regardless of license class since Extra class operators will be present. In fact, we have recently had an unlicensed person learn to operate and actually become proficient in making contacts during an operating event. She later earned her Technician license.

We do, of course, need as many experienced operators as we can get to carry the load in making contacts and provide a winning base while others are learning. They will also assist in training or teach by example while operating.

The club station will utilize four operating positions – one for each band allowed in the contest. There will be two seats at each operating position – one for an experienced operator and one for a trainee.

We also plan to have several training positions using audio tapes and laptop computers to allow participants to learn or refresh their knowledge of the N1MM operating interface prior to operating. These positions will be used for three nights of training prior to the contest. Everyone is encouraged to attend one of these sessions. The training aids will also be used on the day of the contest.

Sign ups started at the last club meeting. If you have not already signed up but are interested, please contact Tom W4CU ( I will personally reply to each email received if you have questions or suggestions.


There are many details that need to be shared. I will send out further details of the QSO party, our training sessions, and operations soon.

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