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Field Day Signup

Thanks to all that attended the meeting last night.

For those that do not recall if they signed up, here is the list of people that have signed up already.

If you are NOT on this list, please go to this link and sign up.

NameCall Sign
Jason EsterlineN4BOZ
Tom SchaeferNY4I
ken martensWK4KM
Pat ConnellyKX4HL
David TrewinKR4U
Dee TurnerN4GD
Bob WanekN2ESP
Glenn PanazzoloN4ESU
Gerry PollackWR6N
Richard StephensN4BUA
Will ScottW7WMS
Dan GersonKB4BOQ
Steve HepplerKN4MBS
Alan StreitmanN4AYE
Jeff PalmerNE4C
chris clementka4upc
Seth LawsonW0ONA
Steve FoyN4FOYÊ
Ron AppelW4RFA
Rich CarielloAA2MF
Robbin MiskeKJ4MPG
Kevin PindjakNone
Jeff deGrasseK4JJD
Ronald HallKP2N
Shawn YeatonN1JEH
Paul T GarrettKC4YDY
Earl RayW4TCE
Jack KinneyN4KIN
Bob GiglioNB2G
Ken SkaggsWq3v
Douglas CraftKN4LHT
Earle WhitehouseKJ4WKJ
Dean Siegristn0oac
Lisa NeuschelerÊKc1ylÊ
Walt BabulaN4NJR
Bruce KreutzerKI4CPZ
Tom SchaefferW4CU
Bill LockwoodKN4LUZ
Mark FoltarzKA4JVY
Dee HookerKN4MUT
Michael VanaK4MAV
Johnnie Popwell Sr.W4TSP
Ken ShurWD4EUN
Ricky James CrossanKA3TKR
Kim EsterlineKM4PNT
David SalyerKG4CNG
Larry RowellKW4CSA
John MacDonaldK4BR
Dee StreitmanNone
Larry UnderwoodW4NK
Maria UnderwoodNone
Larri GersonNone
Mike BrandaK4HN
Debbie MacDonaldN4APZ
Ruth AppelNone
Victoria NajjarNone
Mike MaranoKN4LVA

The presentation from the meeting is accessible via this link.

The movie with pictures is available here.

All the Field Day info is available in our original Field Day announcement.

Please let us know if you have any questions. You can always email Tom NY4I for more info.

Sign up and see you at Field Day!

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