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The MAK is Back

SPARC contesters enjoyed entering W4TA in the newly reestablished Makrothen RTTY contest. Makrothen is a Greek word meaning distance. In spite of poor propagation, the SPARC team made 541 QSOs with a claimed score of 2,203,706 points.

Tom W4CU running while Ron KP2N watches [N2ESPhoto]
What makes the Makrothen different from the other contests we compete in is the method of scoring. Most contests are scored based on the number of QSOs times the number of “multipliers” worked in the contest. The points value awarded for each QSO varies with each contest. Different points value may be assigned to stations worked in a country different from yours, operating mode, or band. Multipliers also vary by contest. Typically each DX country is a multiplier; multipliers can also be established geographic radio “zones” worldwide. This type of scoring is biased in favor of population centers, with east coast US stations closer to Europe, with its large number of countries and the Caribbean with numerous small island countries.

Leslie WA4EEZ running as Tom NY4I looks on [N2ESPhoto]
As its name implies, the value of a QSO in the Makrothen contest equals the distance (in kilometers) between the two stations. The information exchanged between the two stations includes the Maidenhead grid square in which each station is located. The four character grid square designator exchange gives a rough indication of each station’s latitude and longitude. This information is then used by computer logging program algorithms to determine the distance between the two stations. Hams regularly working DX are aware that it is more difficult to work stations on the lower frequency bands. To encourage the use of these bands in the contest, QSO point values on 40M and 80M are multiplied by 1.5 and 2.0 respectively. In the event both stations are in the same grid square, a value of 100 points is assigned to the QSO.

N1MM+ RTTY contest software [N2ESPhoto]
This contest is run in three eight hour segments (8PM-4AM, 12PM-8PM and 4AM-12PM) that are separated by three eight hour off times.

SPARC members participating in this event were: Paul KA4IOX, Rex KB8ESY, Ron KP2N, Dave KR4U, Bob N2ESP, Richard N4BUA, Dee N4GD, Tom NY4I, Tom W4CU and Leslie WA4EEZ.

If you are interested in participating in any of the contests we enter, contact one of the folks above. No experience is necessary, we will provide an Elmer (mentor) to get you started in this competitive area of our hobby.

Leslie WA4EEZ enjoying her run on 15M [N2ESPhoto]

SH5 Contest Stats
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