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SPARC Contesters Win US 4th Call Area in CQ WPX RTTY

During the WPX Contest earlier this year, SPARC posted a score of 2,810,572 points in the Multi-operator, Single Transmitter category. This was good enough to win 1st place in the US 4th call area, 7th place in the country and 23rd in the World. This was a team effort of the following operators: KA4IOX, KB8ESY, KR4U, KP2N, N2ESP, N4BUA, N4RI, NY4I, VE3XD, W4CU ad W4TSP. The full results are available on the CQ WPX RTTY Website as well as the write up in the July 2017 edition of CQ Magazine. Congratulations to all these RTTY Operators.

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