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Setup digital modes and interface a radio to your computer

The April meeting program by Paul, KA4IOX will describe how to setup the two most popular digital communication applications, FLDIGI and WSJT-X. This overview will cover basic concepts for connecting your equipment and establishing communications with digital modes. Paul will also offer (for later use in your shack) a detailed step-by-step written process for set up and operation of your own digital station. Common setup issues will be covered along with how to troubleshoot them.

The presentation includes connections for a separate transmitter-receiver pair with a digital interface as well as using the latest digital enabled (USB) transceivers, both can easily be setup for FLDIGI (PSK, Olivia, MFSK, etc.) and WSJT-X (JT-65, FT-8, etc.). Join us for an informative “how-to” presentation that will get you started with some of the best digital operating modes.

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