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NY4I, Bridge Builder


SPARC member Tom, NY4I has taken responsibility for the bridge program that enables two Radio Contestpopular ham radio programs to share QSO data.

“N1MM” is a popular contesting program that is configurable for competition in most international Radiosport contests. “DXKeeper” is the logging component of a suite of programs known as “DX Labs.” The “bridging” program Tom is working on transfers the QSOs entered in N1MM to DXKeeper in real time. This allows you to update your needed DXCC entities list as you are contesting. The bridge is also compatible with “TR4W” contest software, sending real-time logging information to DXKeeper.

All of these sophisticated programs are FREE, thanks to programmers such as Tom that volunteer their skills toward the advancement of our hobby. The following URLs will provide you with additional information:



DX Labs

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