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SPARC November 2,2018 meeting minutes

Minutes of SPARC Meeting – November 2, 2018

Meeting called to order by Bob N2ESP at 7:30 PM followed by the Pledge of allegiance. Acknowledgment of guests and introduction were done. A special thanks was given to W4TSP for getting this location for our monthly club meetings. Secretary’s Minuets for the October meeting are posted on the club website and accepted by the membership.

Treasures report was given by Tom AI4QP.
SPARC available funds as of Sept 30, 2018 is $6,310.01

Vice President Ed NZ1Q spoke about the SPARC Fest Date at November 10th.

Rick KK4WTE gave the Net Managers Report.
2 Meter Net Summery: QNI-411, QTC-7, QND-974, SES-31.
220-440 Net Summery: QNI-43, QCT-1, QND-67, SES-4
Net Manager’s Net: QNI-29, QTC-29, QND-50, SES-4
Ed NZ1Q add comments about the importance of the SPARC PRE NET.

Dave KR4U gave the Club Trustee report. The SPARC station being moved to the larger location within the DMI building is about 95% done. Dee, George and Billy were given special thanks to the project. Tom, NY4I spoke about the progress being made on remote access for station operation.

Rick, KK4KRC suggested a FOX HUNT to be organized by SPARC.

Tom NY4I spoke about the new hosting location for W4GAC. SPARC@group.IO
and planed live video feed during club contesting events.

Ron KP2N, Repeater Trustee reported all is working as expected. Mentioned two 2 meter radios donated to the club now up for sale. Repeater maintenance will be done by Dee and Ron once the weather cools down.

Tom AI4QP Membership reported two new members:
Ralph Kendall, No Call.
Tim Travis, N2GLH

Don N4KII gave the October V.E. activity report:
10/16 ARRL test at DMI, 5 candidates, 1 new Tech, 2 Gen, 2 Extra upgrades.
10/27 W5YI Test at Lealman Fire Station, 1 candidates, 1 Gen upgrade.
11/10 ARRL testing at SPARC Fest.
No testing at Lealman Fire Station until January. Area being used by Fire Station.

Bob N2ESP spoke about the new monthly meeting location and that the December meeting will be held on November 30th do to room availability. SPARC Fest on Nov 10 at Freedom Lake Park.

SPARC ELECTIONS: Same Officers to continue for another term. Secretary casts one Vote to accept Officers.

Dee mentioned Tampa Bay Hamfest Dec. 7&8th.

Bob N2ESP provided information to the club about our After Holliday Party location which was organized by Rich AA2MF to be at Brooklyn Pizza Co. 10785 Park Blvd. Seminole Fl 33772 on January 13, 2019 at 3PM. The location was approved by the membership.

Richard purposed the $200 Santa Gift which was approved.

Tom NY4I, SPARC shirts with printed logo and call sign for a price range of $21 to $30.

Lisa mentioned the availability of 1×2 and 2×2 calls.

Glenn is handling the club 50/50.

Meeting break called at 8:15 PM.
Meeting resumed at 8:35 PM

Monthly program:
“Getting on the air using the FT8 mode” by Ed NZ1Q and Tom NY4I

Meeting adjoined 9:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Rich AA2MF Secretary

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