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SPARC Executive Board Meeting February 23, 2019


Meeting started 2:00 PM In attendance- Bob N2ESP, Ed NZ1Q, Dee N4GD, John KI4UIP, Ron KP2N, Dave KR4U, Rickard N4BUA, Tom NY4I

Tom NY4I MOTIONED (SECONDED by Ed NZ1Q) to donate $25 to AMSAT. Motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.

Discussion of club remote station policy to offer the station to Tampa Bay area members (defined to be Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco and Manatee counties). Members must have a local checkout or have demonstrated previously experience with the RemoteHams software. 

Dave KR4U MOTIONED (SECONDED by John KI4UIP) to purchase a replacement Ham IV rotator for the club station not to exceed $550. Motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.

Meeting closed 3:12 PM

Submitted by Tom NY4I

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