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SPARC Executive Board Meeting – December 9, 2020

Meeting called to order at 1902 via zoom call

Minutes by Charles, W4BPP

Board and members in attendance:

President: Pat Connelly, AA0O

Treasurer: Tom Wedding, AI4QP

Secretary: Charles Adkinson, W4BPP

Board Member: Dee Turner, N4GD

Board Member: John Toth, KI4UIP

Board Member Richard Cariello, AA2MF

Club Trustee: Dave Trewin, KR4U

Repeater Trustee: Ron Hall KP2N

Past President Bob Wanek: N2ESP

SPARC Member: Glen Cate, N4GRC

Not in attendance:

Vice-President: Lisa Neuscheler, KC1YL

Old Business:

  • Tower
    • Rich, member, has antenna parts
    • Pat is watching for sales of antennas
    • Dave discusses possible options
    • Rich reminds that previous discussions were tower is to remain in lower safe position unless someone is physically present, all agreed
    • Plan is to insure new tower assembly
  • Storage container
    • Pat to investigate what was damaged
    • How to seal top of container is in question
  • Vertical Antenna
    • Some brackets received, miscellaneous parts list created. Dave will continue to run down and make progress
    • Pat shares pipe source he used for
    • Plan is to get vertical up and get feedline run to get station up and running
  • Noise:
    • Glen works for Duke and reached out through internal methods to make progress with noise issues
  • Donations from local ham Lynn WA3RRK
    • Glen is bringing equipment from a local ham. Several tubs of equipment, more to come. Most to be donated to SPARC and/or deserving
    • Will be brining to hamfest this week
  • Paypal account
    • Paypal account is setup
    • Pat tested the process
    • Pat will work with Tom NY4I to get website
    • using friends and family
  • Membership form
    • Pat will work with Tom NY4I to build a membership form on the website
  • Hamfest
    • Attendance is arranged, SPARC will have a table
  • Meeting in person
    • Charles discusses meeting in person options, in existing location, or at an outdoor location. Will persue
    • Some are open to regular location
    • Most seem open to an outdoor location
    • Possibly host an observer zoom meeting for those that don’t want to attend
    • Looking for a sight to host 40-60

Meeting adjourned 19:54

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