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Minutes of SPARC Meeting –  September 9, 2019

Minutes of SPARC Meeting –  September 9, 2019

Meeting called to order by Bob N2ESP at 7:30 PM followed by the Pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence for Mike Anderson N4MAA.

Introduction of guests and member roll call.


Club meeting minuets are posted on the web voted to accept and approved.

Club President Bob N2ESP reported the September Club Board meeting was canceled due to the pending hurricane.

Vice President Ed NZ1Q spoke about the Member Spotlight article in the September 2019 QST on our club member Lisa Neuscheler KC1YL. He also spoke about the printing of the club flyers and requested articles for our web page and club meeting programs.

Treasures report given by Tom AI4QP.

SPARC available funds as of August 31, 2019  $8,141.25.

Net Managers Report Rick KK4WTE

August 2019

NET           QNI    QTC   QND   SES

2 Meter      423      7       884     31

220-440      53       3        72        5

MGR NET   23      25       40        4

TOTAL       499     35      996      40

CERT-NET   35     2         56        4

Repeater Trustee report Ron KP2N All repeaters are working well. Dee and Ron plan to do some maintenance during the month of September.

Club Station Trustee Dave KR4U. The station is working well for the up and coming contests. The next  contest the club is planning to enter is CQWW RTTY which is at the end of this month. Anyone interested in becoming a team member contact him. Also CW Op’s are needed.  

Membership Tom AI4QP reported one new member Bill DeManbro KN4UNG which was voted and approved by club membership.


ARRL testing at DMI, 1 new Tech.

W5YI at Lealman Fire Station 1 Tech, 1 Extra.


September 21, 2019 Radio Clubs in The Park starting at 9AM in Eagle Lake Park, Largo.  Signup for the event and additional information is on our clubs web page. A request for $75 which was voted and approved for food during this event. 


A request for someone to become the clubs “Contest Coordinator”. Please speak to Bob if interested.

St Pete Science Festival on October 19 at 10AM.

Maker Fair in Orlando sometime in November.

The club officers term is about to end. Please speak to Hal.

Kimberly Alverez spoke about her new company manufacturing 9.5-13 Gig amps. If club has interest in doing work in this frequency range a free amp will be provided.

Meeting Break 7:55 PM

Meeting Resumed 8:05 PM

Presentation by Clayton Parrott KJ4RUS Pinellas County Tech Systems Coordinator demonstrating the new mobile communication system cabinet.

Meeting Adjourned 8:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Rich AA2MF Secretary

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