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Minutes of SPARC Meeting – November 6, 2020

Meeting called to order at 1929 via zoom call

Executive members in attendance:

  • President: Pat Connelly, AA0O
  • Vice-President: Lisa Neuscheler, KC1YL
  • Treasurer: Tom Wedding, AI4QP
  • Board Member: Dee Turner, N4GD
  • Board Member: John Toth, KI4UIP
  • Board Member: Tom Schaefer, NY4I
  • Past President: Bob Wanek, N2ESP
  • Club Trustee: Dave, KR4U

33 total max in attendance

Meeting start and check-in:

  • The meeting opening with the pledge of allegiance
  • New members recognized and introduced themselves
  • Roundtable of members/roll call style check-in


  • No minutes from last meeting
  • Treasurer report:
    • All income and expenses are rectified and in balance
    • 3 new members accepted into club during the month
  • VP report:
    • No report
  • Net Manager Report, Billy Kn4LUZ
    • 714 check in
    • 47 messages
    • 1321 minutes
    • 39 sessions
    • KC4XO with record 29 check-in
  • Trustee Report, Dave KR4U
    • DMI is all status quo
    • No update on roof repairs
    • 40m check out inconclusive, pulsing in AM, NY4I will continue to investigate
    • Will continue checking with Duke Energy re noise issues
    • Pat will hand over brackets at next VE session
  • Website updates:
    • Will be updated with new executive staff post meeting
  • Repeater Report. Dee N4GD
    • Ron KP2N wants to resign from repeater
    • Dee says clocks are set and all 3 seem to be working well
  • VE report
    • 2 sessions, good results.

Old Business:

  • SPARC Fest was cancelled
  • USA Coach fest and rod run scheduled in lieu 8-12 on the 14th
    • Will have a VE session, 2 VE offer, Charles will inquire for a 3rd

New Business:

  • Elections:
    • Pat, AA0O, will continue as President.
    • Lisa, KC1YL,  will continue as Vice President.
    • Tom, Ai4QP, will continue as treasurer
    • Charles, W4BPP, is Elected as Secretary unopposed.
    • Rich, AA2MF, (previous Secretary, resigning) is joining board.
    • John, KI4UIP, and Dee, N4GD, are continuing on the board.
  • Bruce WA4GCH is SK and will be fondly remembered
  • Pat inquires if we will have a table, Rich volunteers to run the table. Topic remains open

Contest Report:

  • Pat provides a rundown of contests coming ahead

Meeting Adjourned 20:18

Minutes by Charles, W4BPP

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