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Minutes of SPARC Meeting – May 5, 2017


7:30 PM, meeting called to order. Pledge of Allegiance, introductions, and acknowledgment of guests were made. Secretary’s Report for April has been posted on the club website and accepted by the membership. Treasurer’s Report was given by Tom, AI4QP, Net Manager’s Report given by Rick, KK4WTE and Certificates of Appreciation were given to SPARC Net Control Operators. Club Trustee Report was given by Dave, KR4U. The club station did well in the Florida QSO party held April 29th and 30th. Informed the membership of the plans to install a 160 meter dipole antenna on the club’s tower. Repeater Report given by Ron, KP2N. The 440/220 meter link will be disconnected temporarily until repairs have been completed on the repeaters and licensed radio operators are encouraged to use all of the club’s repeaters. VE Report given by Tom, AI4QP, one upgrade from Technician to General resulted from last month’s test session.

Old Business – A Field Day Chairman is needed for Field Day 2017.

New Business – WORM Fest will be held Saturday, May 27, 2017 at Freedom Lake Park. The next SPARC Executive Board Meeting will be held on the same date at 2:00 PM at DMI Research and all members are invited to attend. Presentations are needed for future club meetings. Break called at 8:24 PM. Meeting called to order at 8:35 PM and the program for the evening was presented by Tom, NY4I, How to connect your HF radio to your computer with DXLABS Plus and a remote demo. Meeting closed at 9:09 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ron – KK4KRC
SPARC Secretary

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