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Minutes of SPARC Meeting –  March 6, 2020

Minutes of SPARC Meeting –  March 6, 2020

Meeting called to order by Pat AA0O at 7:30 PM followed by the Pledge of allegiance. 

First time visitors and member role call was taken.

Secretary Rich AA2MF spoke about the NAQP RTTY Contest. A small group of SPARC Members formed Team Aardvark. Other events like this are being planed.

VP Lisa KC1YL spoke about the Radios in the Park event to take place March 14th.


Net Manager’s Report

Net                    QNI            QTC           QND           SES                   

2 Meter             513             10               950             28 

220-440              44               4                 87               4

Net Mgr              18              12                27               4

Total                  573             26             1064             36

Cert-Net             32                2                55               2


Club Trustee Dave KR4U spoke about the clubs scoring is the RTTY Roundup placing First in WCF. Tower and Antenna in progress of being repaired. The new power poles installed by Duke Energy seem to be causing a very high noise level on 40 meters. Asked for any club member having experience in finding noise source. WB9JTK Alan volunteered to help. Dave presented a motion for the club to buy a Zero Five vertical for 80-10 meter operation for the sum of $600. Voted and approved. 

Tom AI4QP Treasurer presented his report, Voted and Approved.

Web Design Tom NY4I asked for articles for the club web site.

Repeater Trustee Ron KP2N no report.

Membership Tom AI4QP six new members:

Arturo Rios KO4CEC

Matthew Stone KO4AYV

Richard Macys KO4BJQ

Mike Herring WP2MH

Alexander Harvey KO4CEE

Judd Sheets W4BUS

VE report Don N4KII

SPARC Tuesday 3 Tech, 1 upgrade Extra

SPARC Saturday 1 General, 1 Extra

Pat AA0O talked about our first place win in the 2019 Florida QSO Party.

Pat spoke about canceling the K4WCF entry do to the SPARC station under repair. Rich AA2MF purposed dividing up the event time to club members that would operate from there personal stations. List of volunteers: W4WYR, NY4I, KC1YL, AA0O, KR4U, N4GD, AA2MF. Details to be determined.

New Business 

Pat AA0O spoke about club By-Laws changes. The new wording will be posted on the club web page.

A short show and tell program to be added before the meeting break. Example was presented by Bob W4OID about a CW KEYER used to improve Code Copy.

Starting License Classes again with a call for volunteers.

The opening of the club station for its members use is in need of Station Mentors. Volunteers: NY4I, AA2MF, KC1YL, W4BPP, KA1IJA. Details to follow.

Bob W4OID spoke about the annual Sun & Fun Fly-in event March 31 – April 5th.

Meeting Break

Program by Ed NZ1Q about non contest awards.

Meeting Adjourned 8:55 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Rich AA2MF Secretary

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