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Minutes of SPARC Meeting –  June 7, 2019

Minutes of SPARC Meeting –  June 7, 2019

Meeting called to order by Bob N2ESP at 7:30 PM followed by the Pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence for Fannie Huddleston K4RXO.

Introduction of guests and member roll call.


Club meeting minuets are posted on the web voted to accept and approved.

Vice President Ed NZ1Q spoke about moving the ECO-Link to a 2 Meter operation for the summer months. Also mentioned the need for monthly meeting programs. 

Treasures report given by Tom AI4QP.

SPARC available funds as of May 31,2019 $9,662.37.

Net Managers Report Rick KK4WTE

May 2019

NET           QNI    QTC   QND   SES

2 Meter      423      7       994     31

220-440      57       2        84        5

MGR NET   31      29       42        4

TOTAL       511     38     1120      40

CERT-NET   29     0         43        4

Repeater Trustee report Ron KP2N All repeaters are working well.

Club Station Trustee Dave KR4U The station is working well and all club awards have been wall mounted within the station to view.

Membership Tom AI4QP reported no new members this month.

Web Site Vice President Ed NZ1Q spoke but his postings about the Summer Field Day.


ARRL testing at DMI, no candidates this month.

W5YI at Lealman Fire Station 2 General, 2 Tech.


NY4I Tom will continue to take orders for Club Polo Shirts until June 10th. After this date orders will be only fulled on a quarterly basis.

NY4I Tom spoke about Summer Field Day. Entry as 3A, station operation for CW, SSB, FT8.

Also made a motion which was voted on and approved for up to $250 for SPARC’s share for Field Day food.

N2ESP Bob, spoke about WORM Fest where club sold $581 in items. Thanked the SPARC Field Day crew for there efforts in making Field Day possible.


N2ESP Bob spoke about club activity with the 10-10 group.

Meeting Break 8:00 PM

Meeting Resumed 8:05 PM

Programs: Field Day by NY4I Tom and KR4U Dave. SETI by WS1ETI David 

Meeting Adjourned 9:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Rich AA2MF Secretary

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