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Minutes of SPARC Meeting – June 2, 2017


7:30PM, meeting called to order. Pledge of Allegiance, introductions and acknowledgment of guests made. Secretary’s Minutes for May’s club and Executive Board meeting have been posted to the club’s website and accepted by the membership. The Treasurer’s Report as well as the Membership Report was given by Tom, AI4QP, no new members for this month. The V.P. Report given by Ed, NZ1Q, we are looking for an affordable printer for the club’s new tri-fold color brochure. Rick, KK4WTE, gave the Net Manager’s Report and awarded Linda, KI4RV and Leslie, WA4EEZ, Certificates of Appreciation for service as a SPARC Net Controllers. Dave, KR4U, gave the Club Trustee Report, the club station is running well and informed the membership of the plans to install an 160m dipole on the the club’s tower and move the 80m dipole to a different location. Ron, KP2N gave the Repeater Trustee’s Report, the link between the 220 and 440 repeaters will be reactivated the week of the 4th .
VE Report given by Donn, N4KII.
Old Business – Another SK sale for James Eberwine, W4APV will be held Saturday June 3rd 8AM – 2PM. Informed membership of plans to install a weather station donated by Felax, KI4TWQ and post the information on the club’s website.
New Business – Informed the membership of the plans for this year’s Field Day, the club will participate as a Class 2E station and $200 was approved by the membership for food. There will be a Mobile Installation contest held prior to July’s club meeting at the DMR Research building with two categories, VHF/UHF and HF installs. Judging will begin at 7:15PM. The membership was informed about the club’s new WIFI that is up and working. Asked the members if they would like to participate in the Eclipse Party on August 21st as a club. The club will sell equipment received from Silent Key George Campbell’s estate at the next Ham Fest.
Meeting closed at 8:26PM

Respectfully submitted,

Ron – KK4KRC
SPARC Secretary

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