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Minutes of SPARC Meeting –  December 6, 2019

Minutes of SPARC Meeting –  December 6, 2019

Meeting called to order by VP Lisa KC1YL at 7:30 PM followed by the Pledge of allegiance.

Introduction of guests and member roll call.


Club meeting minuets are posted on the web voted to accept and approved.

Rich AA2MF Secretary reported from the November 30th Exec Board meeting notes given by our new club President Pat AA0O. Items to be considered and implements in the near future.

A new club questionnaire  will be distributed to all club members to determine the wants and needs of our membership.

The ability to visit our repeater site and interest by Norm KA1IJA to adding digital modes to our system.

A Club Station operation instruction guide to help in smother station usage and a station design block diagram for a better understanding of the station.

To publicize our “Member Services” to repair equipment and ability to build filters as our club owns a Spectrum Analyzer and Tube Checker.

To open the station for membership usage on a regular weekly basis.

Having a greeter at the door of our meetings to inform our membership and speak to new visitors.

Activate local area Lighthouses for radio communication Special Events.

Coordinate with our other local radio clubs for more special radio events.

Vice President Lisa KC1YL mentioned club dues are being collected and spoke about tonights program Space Solar Winds and how they effect radio propagation to be presented by our clubs past VP Ed NZ1Q.

Treasures report given by Tom AI4QP.

SPARC available funds as of November 30, 2019 Balance $9,242.88

Ron KP2N made the announcement that James Schilling KG4JSZ a Life Member of SPARC has been elected as the new Vice Director for the ARRL Southeastern Division.

Net Managers Report given by Bill KN4LUZ


NET           QNI    QTC   QND   SES

2 Meter      481     10       933     30

220-440      37       0         50       4

MGR NET   18      16       50        4

TOTAL       536      26      1033    38

CERT-NET   34     2         32        2

Repeater Trustee report Ron KP2N All repeaters are working well. The 440 transmitter has been updated.

Club Station Trustee Dave KR4U: The station is working well. The club station will be active tonight and through the weekend for the ARRL 160 CW Contest, inviting all club members to join in the operation. A special request was made to our membership about becoming more active in the use of our club station and developing teams to use the station during the many up and coming radio contests. He also mentioned how well the station has done in past contests and the hope this can be continued into the future.

Membership Tom AI4QP reported two new members: George Scott WB9AZV and John R Black N4MMR which were voted on and approved for club membership.


November 9th ARRL testing at SPARC FEST 3 new Techs.

November 19th ARRL Testing at DMI. One candidate passed his General exam but has yet to receive his Tech callsign. To date he has two CSCE forms. Don N4KII mentioned that he would look into this. 

W5YI at Lealman Fire Station no sessions in November and December.


Ex Board Meeting at DMI Nov 30th at 2PM report was given by Rich AA2MF

Tampa Bay Ham Fest Dec 13 &14th.

SPARC After Holiday Party Feb 9th starting at 3PM. Location Brooklyn Pizza.

SPARC Dues are due.

New Club Officers.

President: AA0O Patrick C Connelly

Vice President: KC1YL Lisa L Neuscheler

Secretary: AA2MF Richard L Cariello

Treasurer: AI4QP Thomas R Wedding

New Executive Board Members:

NY4I Thomas M Schaefer

KI4UIP John K Toth

N4GD Dee Turner

Newly Appointed Net Manager Bill Lockwood KN4LUZ

SPARC Fest took place on Nov 12th


Tri-Club Winter Field Day January 25, 2020 at the Clearwater Fire Training Center.

The UPARC group is holding “High Speed Voice Callsign Practice Sessions” to help improve contest and emergency copy skills. The training is given just after there Tuesday night 2 meter net at 8 PM 147.120 +600 PL100. Training is planed to continue until the week of Winter Field Day January 25, 2020.

The  New SPARC 2020 Questionnaire will be distribute during the January Club meeting.

A Meeting Greeter will be at the door starting with the January Club meeting.

Bob KC4XSO donated a 2 meter radio model  YEASU FT-2900 to the club.

A Club Contest calendar will be added to the clubs MONTHLY REPORTS given by our VP Lisa KC1YL

ARRL 160 CW starting December 5th.

ARRL 10 meter  starting December 13th.

CQWW 160 CW starting January 24th

Winter Field  starting January 25th

CQWW 160 SSB starting February 12th.

Meeting Break 8:07PM

Meeting resumed 8:15PM

Program “Space Solar Winds” by Ed NZ1Q

Meeting Adjourned 8:55 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Rich AA2MF Secretary 

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