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Minutes of SPARC Meeting – April 2, 2021

Meeting held in 5th Ave Baptist Church Parking Lot

Meeting called to order at 1932

Minutes by Charles, W4BPP

Executive members in attendance:

President: Pat Connelly, AA0O

Vice-President: Lisa Neuscheler, KC1YL

Treasurer: Tom Wedding, AI4QP

Board Member: Dee Turner, N4GD

Board Member: John Toth, KI4UIP

Past President: Bob Wanek, N2ESP

Club Trustee: Dave, KR4U

Repeater Trustee: Billy, KN4LUZ


Meeting start and greeting:

  • meeting in person, 10 attendees from zoom
  • The meeting opens with the pledge of allegiance
  • New members, guests, and first timers recognized and introduced themselves


  • Secretary’s Report:
    • Review of last meeting and receipt of various reports recorded
    • minutes from last meeting on website
    • Soliciting presentation ideas/topics
  • VP report:
    • Nothing to report
  • Treasurer report:
    • All income and expenses are rectified and in balance
    • 10 new member applications during the month
  • VE report
    • Tuesday:
      • 8 passed
      • 6 scheduled for next session, filling up
    • Saturday:
      • 3 passed
      • April has some space
  • Net Manager Report, Repeater Trustee Report Billy KN4LUZ
    • 747 check in
    • 50 messages
    • 1352 minutes
    • 39 sessions
    • WZ4GW with record 30 check-in
  • Repeater Report. KN4LUZ Bill
    • all 3 seem to be working well
  • Club Trustee Report, Dave KR4U
    • Tower update, not much to report awaiting updates
  • New member applications welcomed and accepted

Old Business:

  • Club Tower:
    • No updates, awaiting info from texas towers
    • Permit docs reviewed, looking for permitting options

New Business:

  • SPARC in the Park, possibly may 15th or 16th park TBD
    • Updates will be provided online
  • May meeting is homebrew meeting
  • Committee request for field day



  • Mobile setup show and contest. Awards for best entrants awarded.
    • Ed NZ1Q wins honorable mention
    • Tom AI4QP wins 2nd place
    • Bill KN4LUZ wins 1st place

Contest Report:

  • Pat provides a rundown of contests coming ahead

Meeting Adjourned 20:42

50/50 Raffle is held

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